Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bitter Harvest

It looks like the figures are in: somewhere near 75% of the California citrus crop has been lost to Global Warming unseasonably freezing temperatures.
In his role as free market GOP governor, Ahnold has called for emergency relief to pay the farmers for their failed crop..*LINK* (how the crop be a failure if somebody is paying them for it, is beyond my ability to reason, but then again, this is California... where, as I've stated before, executions that result in death are still called 'botched').

I love oranges. Especially large,sweet,juicy naval oranges. When in season, i generally buy 6-7 lbs(sometimes more) of oranges a week. Naturally, the tightened supply of fresh oranges are going to cost me 3-4 times what I normally pay for them this time of year. Instead, I wont buy as much. Meaning I will still pay 2-3 times as much money for a lot fewer oranges. This mark-up, of course, will begin with the growers.
Well and good, in theory.
The market acts as its own goods rationor, extending limited supply to more consumers.

But let's not forget, these citrus growers are already being compensated for the failed(?) crop through higher prices at the market. And now the governor wants to pay them again. Paid for out of my taxes. I am paying more for these goods than just the price at checkout. Essentially, I am buying them twice.

I don't like getting hosed by freeloaders at the government teet.
And I refuse to get squeezed by a Cabal of Unprepareds who think I owe them something for their personal business failings.

I am boycotting all California citrus for one year.
At the least.


Anonymous said...

I see the [i]free market?[/i] system in America is alive and well.

Sounds like "money for nothin and" well money for nothin......:o)

I am taking another sabbitcal from the net in awhile...
If I dont get back here before then
Stay safe & stay well..

Gino said...

take care, my friend,
and thank you.

Stacy said...

Um, I know farmers who get paid to NOT farm their land. This system needs a serious overhaul.

Gino said...

farming pays when its good, bad, or not at all...

what a hoot.

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

Texas oranges! They are smaller but tastier!

Gino said...

hey vas, as a farmer's wife, wouldnt be nice to live just as well as a non-farmer's wife?

you'll need to look into gettin some of that gravy no-farming cash.

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

The corporation... I mean... er, the Wojtanowicz family, has no-farming cash. We call it development. You know, it's that marvelous thing when substandard farmland is no longer needed when we acquire better farmland and sell/rent it to real estate companies to build houses and stuff. ;)