Friday, January 26, 2007

Calling The Kettle Offensive

College students looking for lame excuses to drink beer malt liquor and act stupid will find any occasion to do so.
Not much news here.

Also not news: Colored Negroe Black African-American activists looking for a reason to be offended and act stupid are equally creative.
Case in point:
MLK Party Causes Uproar
I feel like there is no excuse for this type of ignorance," said Donald Ray Elder, president of the Stephenville school's chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

That upsets me," Elder said. "That's someone who knows nothing about Dr. King, because Dr. King was totally about nonviolence."
No word on whether Mr. Elder thinks Dr. King would approve of some of those cherished black Image Award recipients, awarded by, of course, the same organisation Mr. Elder himself is a leader of. Such shining examples of black imagery as Tupac Shakur, L.L. Cool Jay, sex offender/videographer R. Kelly.

Is this Mr. Elder starring in his own minstrel show or something? Does he not see how ridiculous he, and his cause, looks complaining about a bunch of white students aping the same black millionaires he praises?

Maybe, just maybe, college students who have spent their entire academic life suckled at the educational teet of "diversity","sensitivity" ,"multi-culturalism" and 15% of each school year dedicated to black history will stop lampooning Blacks when Blacks stop giving Image Awards to living,breathing Black Cartoons.

On a positive note:at least the white students didn't drive off and shoot up the neighborhood.


hammerswing75 said...

The students showed very little maturity, but I can hardly blame them for getting sick and tired of racial preaching in this country. It's become a joke. Who is responsible for that? Not the 20 year olds in Podunk, TX.

Gino said...

hammer, these kids have totally lost the meaning of MLK day. they werent supposed to party and have fun.
the real meaning is for only black people to party and dance while airing social grievences. the white role is to play guilty.
ya know, that whole character not color thing.

VAS Littlecrow at Blogger said...

The ironic part about all of this MLK Day stuff is the fact that the essence of MLK's message had nothing to do with the advancement of one race over another, and everything to do with the abolition of unequal treatment by cause of racial typing. More to the point, he advocated color-blindness and the same set of rules for everyone. I think if he we're still alive to see both sides in this fiasco, he'd roll over his grave. Hell, I think what Affirmative Action became would've offended him.