Monday, January 15, 2007

Another Reason Why Islam Sucks

Some things are just too damn stupid to offer any further comment.
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Anonymous said...

If it aint Tele Tubbies and its 'x's

Them religious folks regardless of the outfit they belong to.....never run out of things to get their panties in a knot over eh..... :o)

Kal said...

What about lowercase t?

And I take a little exception with "anonymous": you don't see Catholics saying not to rescue girls from a burning building because it would be sinful to approach them in they weren't in burqas.

Of course, Western Civilization's acceptance of pluralism, be it in religion, or gender, etc, is its strenght. It's no surprise these folks buy everything technological from "western" countries (and I'm incluing much of Asia there), when they wouldv'e kept Marie Curie in her house tending to her kids instead of in the labratory.

Anonymous said...


take all the exceptions you want Kal
and feel free to make all the assumptions you wish to at the same time.

Where when and how did i even remotely suggest that catholics think "it would be sinful to approach them in they weren't in burqas."?
On the other hand the Catholic clerics have no problem sodomizing both little boys and girls. So perhaps they are indeed more civilized.

But that is another issue all together.

My comment above simply states an obvious truth. "Them religious folks regardless of the outfit they belong to.....never run out of things to get their panties in a knot over eh..... :o)"

Brian said...

One needn't speculate what a Catholic theocracy would look like. Just read the history of Europe from about 500-1500 AD.

And America with Pat Robertson et al. in charge would produce policies at least as absurd as this one.

Islamic countries seem exceptional because they are currently the most prominent examples of theocracy in the modern world. (That, and 14th century-style theocracy is much scarier in the context of 21st-century weapons.) But I'm pretty sure (and I think this was anonymous' point) that if you put people with an unshakable commitment to the unverifiable in charge according to their principles (whatever they are), you're going to get all manner of crazy shit.

Kal said...

Anonymous, it was a question of degree for me. I have no issue with religious folks saying anything they want, be they looney catholics, hypocritical closeted protestant fundamentalists, or Jehovah's Witnesses.

But you can't put the three groups I mention on par with the observance of religion when it's a) functioning as a government and compelling feality, and b) is totally and completely incompatible with pluralism.

And nice broad brush to paint millions of catholic priests with. Swell. So every protestant is a crystal meth using closet case, a la that guy in Denver?

Gino said...

no kal, every protestant isnt 'a crystal meth using closet case'.
this seems to be prmimarily a fundamentalist problem. protestants are much more open about stuff like that. LOL

dont sweat over anonymous: he has a wideranging distrust of all religeons.
and political parties.
and just about everything else.
but anybody who is half italian cant be all bad.

Anonymous said...


I dont have any issue with religionists of any religion getting their panties in a knot ....but you have to agree they never seem to run out of things to do so over. :o)

BTW I always suspected them protestants of being degenerate meth addicts.... or on something equally stupifying ....


Distrust is not the correct description here.
But close I guess :o)

The problem that is highlighted by the goofy Islamic clerics and their concern over the letter x is the stupidity of humans.
I could say that only religionists fell victim to this contagion but this would be untrue.

Thankfully America has a president on the same IQ level as these Saudi clerics so they should be able to conversely nicely..... :o)