Monday, January 08, 2007

Pink Ribbon Awareness

Yes, the Pink Ribbon, for years the understood symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness. You see, pinning on a pink ribbon is supposed to demonstrate that the wearer cares about breast cancer. A silly gesture, if you ask me. I'm not aware of a single man or women,although in this case it's supposed to be a pro-woman thing, being saved from breast cancer because somebody, somewhere, wore a ribbon demonstrating 'caring'.

We all care. I care. And to prove it,I make sure my woman gets her mammograms done Any decent man would. And he need not wear a ribbon when doing so.

It has long been suggested that regular exercise helps reduce the risk of breast cancer in women. Now, it appears this has been a bit of an overstatement. A new study in the UK suggests something a little different: housework reduces by 20% the risk of breast cancer.

It appears just when feminists were on the verge of re-ordering society and goading all women out of the home and into the labor force (for their own good),biology once again gets in the way.

So pay heed, ladies.
Clean house.
Don't do it for your man.
Don't do it for your kids.
Do it for you.
Tie this pink ribbon instead.


hammerswing75 said...

Gino, your caring and wisdom overwhelms me. ;)

Gino said...


Mercy Now said...

I don't care for the pink but if it was pink w/ yella poka dots, then I'd be wearing them so people will see and say, hey this guy really cares. I think it's more for show than anything else if u ask me.

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

Personally, I think the word "breast" brings more than enough awareness to "breast cancer". Pink ribbons are for little girls. But that's just me. Housework scares me, and makes me miss my maid who I haven't been able to afford for years. I'll stick to mammograms and as my husband puts it, "boob massage," thank you very much.

Kal said...

Gino, you are going straight to hell (chuckle chuckle).

So, wife hasn't found the blog yet?

Gino said...

i keep her too busy with housework.
because i care.