Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Doctor Is 'Out' (of his mind)

About three months ago, I was carrying a 36" television (the old style). Or, I was attempting it, anyway.
The damn thing was heavier than I thought, and as a result, I tore something up, leaving me in abdominal pain for several days after.
So, I just took it as easy as I could at work, and around the house, hoping eventually things would heal up. As it was, pain came and went, some days worse than others.

Tuesday, I woke up and could barely move. Time to see the doctor (finally), thinking maybe I really tore something up and would need hernia surgery or whatever.

After a check up, the groping("cough"), pushing ("cough"), and squeezing of the giblets ("cough,cough"), and a few "does this hurt?"'s, it was decided that I did not have a noticeable hernia (yet). And that it may eventually present itself in the near future if it is indeed there.
Good news,yeah, with a caveat.

Doctor strongly suggested I take this week off, and next, to take it easy. I explained that I am already off work for two weeks vacation, and have a deer hunt planned for next. He then warned me to avoid such things as climbing trees and dragging carcasses, and I should cancel this year.

Yeah, right.
He ain't gotta a clue.

I'll still be here, though not as near.
And my presence will be light.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your problem though.

Monitor it carefully....these things have a way of coming back with a vengence and biting us on the arse when least convenient.

Happy Hunting!


Palm boy said...

the CRT TVs above 30 inches are bloody heavy... did you manage it by yourself??

Jade said...

Good luck with your hunt, but try not to hurt yourself any further. (Not sure if wearing a back brace might help? - I wear one when I do heavy yard work to keep the stress off my lower back. It might help give more support to your core in general?)

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

My husband would dismember a limb before abandoning the hunt.

You are a true American, brother!

Kristopher said...

Holy crap, it's chills!

What is going on brother!

Kris AKA Leftisthater

Gino said...

chills:thanks! i keep the heating pad at arms reach, right next to the motrin.

palm boy:i had to scream for help about 1/2 through.

jade:we'll see haw the caracass drag goes. so far, the tree climbing hasnt been a problem.

vas: thats because loki rocks!

kris: yeah, that be chiils.

kingdavid said...

I recommend you not lift anything over 16 oz. You can lift 16 oz. as many times as you want; but, then just make sure you're not operating any kind of implement that fires off projectiles at extremely high velocities.

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