Monday, November 19, 2007

Is There Anything Left?

For fifteen years now, and counting, the entire Democrat Party Apparatus has been defending Bill and Hillary Clinton from their list of scandals: adultery,rape, perjury, obstruction of justice, selling pardons, draft dodging, stealing White House furniture, wire tapping, securities fraud, real estate fraud, selling classified material, illegal campaign cash, abuse of power, harassment of political opponents, sexual harassment, witness tampering, falsified criminal prosecutions, and the infamous spooge blue dress... (and this is just a partial listing).

Now, Hillary, of all folks, claims she has information on Obama that is so scandalous she is too embarrassed to release it.. LINK

Is Hillary even capable of knowing a disqualifying scandal after being part of so many of them herself?
Just what the hell is left, short of screwing dogs on video*, that is so scandalous as to ruin any guy's chance of getting this party's nomination for president?

*and even this might be seen as a resume enhancement to a certain segment of the progressive population,as long as it was consensual.

For the record: if I were a Democrat, I would vote for Obama. He smokes cigarettes. And I can sympathise with a guy like that.


Guitarman said...

You are correct sir. Coming from the female incarnate of Satan himself it seems almost humorous that she could up with something worse than a dead lawyer friend with a gun placed in his hand....White water! This kind of stuff is good news for my new man....The Huckster!

Still Stacy said...

LOL!! **knee slapper**

It really is comedic. The "oh, we have something on Obama" thing would make me vote for him in the primaries if I were a Dem.

Screwing a dog, funny stuff Gino.

Jade said...

My inlaws are Democrats and they still think the Clintons are a scary family.

Screwing a dog might not be bad enough by itself... but screwing a dog while drowning kittens? That might put him over the edge.

Kristopher said...

LOL at Jade's comment. That was good.


Gino said...

guitar man: vote for ron paul and stop the lunacy.

stacy: she may have something on obama, but i'm not so sure her husband hasnt already done it himself.

jade: if he's drowning kittens, even i'll withdraw my support.

kris: nothin LOL about drowning kittens. how dare you...

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

Lucrezia Borgia and Hillary should really get together for coffee when they meet in hell.

SCANDAL? Whatever!

I am with Obama on this one.