Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Spoke Too Soon

"Last time we had one of these, the tenant came home to a living room swamped with water, it was runnin' down the stairs and flooded out the garage."
Ok, so I guess I dodged a bullet.

Last Friday, I noticed a dark spot forming in the center of my living room cieling. I called in the manager, he took a look at it, and said he'd be by first thing Monday morning to investigate further.

Diagnosing the problem as coming from the tub, they started to cut a whole through the wall from the spare bedroom to the tub. I suggested, just possibly, it might be wiser to attack the source from it's most obvious location, like maybe through the ceiling?, just above the wet spot? (But, hey, what do I know?)

"Nah, it's probably coming from the back of the tub. We'll get to right here." (after emptying and moving the dresser first).

Nope. Guess again.
Next option, the ceiling. ( I told ya so... but what do I know?)

Hey,ah... while you're at, can you install a surround-sound system up there. I mean, since you already got some holes cut and all-
OK, how 'bout a central vacuum?
Laundry chute?

Ok, how bout ordering me some new carpet then? I want that blue stuff you put in next door.

"You dont need it now. But if you'd waited a another week you'd be getting new furniture to match."

I can't win.


Palm boy said...

So did they fix the leak?

Gino said...

of course.
they coming back this morning to patch up the holes.

Jade said...

You should have made the hole bigger then attached a slide. It could be used as a laundry chute and as a quick Super Hero exit when the commissioner calls.

Anonymous said...

I like the way that Jade thinks. :o)

Freezin my arse off...beats treading water I guess...so I should count me blessin's

Laters .

Gino said...

holes fixed.
no chute/slide installed. :(