Friday, November 02, 2007

Getting Back Into Form

This weeks football picks:
Only going with three picks again. I like to play, but lack the gambler's heart.

Washington over NY Jets by 3

Dallas over Philadelphia by 3

Now the biggie.
The biggest game of the season.
New England is given 6 points over Indianapolis.
I'm going with New England.
Belichik is gonna try to run up the score again, and this may be the Patriots's weakness if they take risky chances on big plays. Still, I doubt the Colts will be able to hold back the tide. The Patriots are just too good.
I'll be cheering for Indy, but my money is on New England.


Guitarman said...

Philly got all their pistons working against the Vikings last week. And if you remember...if weren't for total ineptness of play calling in the 2nd half and blocked F.G. that turned into a 10 point swing for Dallas, the vikings would of won that game!

Palm boy said...

I'm in Fort Worth Tx, but I thinkl the Birds are going to take this game on the 'boys.

I want with every fiber of football fan in my body for the Colts to win, and I think they'll pull it off.

The jets and washington, odd game to pick.