Sunday, November 04, 2007

Feel Safer: Fly American Airlines.

Here we go again with another installment of pissed off Arabs.

Detained Arabic-speaking passengers sue American Airlines
The men, who sued in U.S. District Court in Detroit alleging racial discrimination, say airline employees grounded their Aug. 28 flight from San Diego to Chicago and detained them, believing they were security risks

I know how they feel. I am routinely detained and humiliated, along with thousands of other co-travelers, whenever I attempt air travel.
After taxiing from the gate, pilots returned the plane to the terminal. The six men were segregated and detained...

Good. I'd hate to think the pilots just ignored a crew of suspicious Arabs and continued on with takeoff.
Give these pilots medals, or bonus pay, or something. We need to encourage other pilots.
The suit was filed Thursday on behalf of David Al-Watan, Talal Cholagh, Ali Alzerej, Hassan Alzerej, Hussein Alsalih and Mohammad Al-Saedy.

Since it was guys with names like Hassan, Mohammad, Hussien, and Ali that made all this extra precaution that's treats everybody like a potential terrorist necessary, I'd say the suspicions and extra measures regarding such men, and even their friends with nice jewish names like David, are heavily justified.

I got a better idea. If we can lock up all the Japanese on the west coast as security risks, I don't think it unreasonable to forbid people with names like Hassan, Mohammad, Hussien, and Ali from ever coming near an airport, let alone actually boarding a plane.

"They treated me like a terrorist," Al-Watan, 30, said in the statement.
Well, yeah. That is the general idea, ain't it?

Maybe American Airlines can advertise a new slogan: "We Give Arabs A Hard Time."
I bet their bottom line would bloom as Arabs sought other more progressively-minded airlines to fly on, and the general public naturally, when given an informed choice, would choose the safer Arab-free skies of American Airlines.


RW said...

Hmmm... might be a good time to buy their stock.

*~*Cece*~* said...

Rock on American Airlines!

Gino said...

another bonus to the bottom line: the gally wont need to stock a supply of halal meals.

Guitarman said...

I like your last spin. Really the airline industries cannot sit and get beat up by these gihadists. This one like the one staged here in Minnesota was simply done to create sympathy for their cause. Thus they get big money donated to their cause!

Jade said...

Geez... I thought I was a paranoid person. Do we really need to fear people just because we hear them speak another language? I mean, honestly... is a terrorist *really* going to speak in Arabic on a plane, or would he probably... oh I don't know... try to blend in a little by speaking English?!?

Just a thought.

Gino said...

yes, jade.
fear arabs when on planes.

if they werent trying to scare us, they would take amtrak.

Jade said...

Heh... makes me want to brush up on my Spanish for the next time I fly... see what happens.