Sunday, November 18, 2007

What Pat Wants

The answer, I think, is Armageddon.

Pat Robertson want's nothing more than Armageddon and the second coming of Christ.
This will only happen, according to his own misreading, with a dominant Jewish state in the middle east followed by the final conflict between Good and Evil, which he believes to be in the form of Islam.
He already believes the gears are in motion, and with every shot fired tween Jews and Arabs, we only get closer.
Rudy, a federal prosecutor and 'tough cop', is the one guy who can be most relied upon to continue the war on terror against Muslims, and this will lead to even more 'shooting back' by pissed off Muslims at the great Satan and its 51st state (Israel).

Robertson has stopped preaching the word of Christ and the salvation of sinners long ago. Now, he's just preaching to his own, and telling them how their politics should be.
And his politics are geared heavily toward the preservation of Israel, and it's dominion over it's neighbors, so Christ can return and kick ass on those who don't believe like Robertson does.

Unfortunately for the Jews, their eventual destruction is part of the plan.
(Which leaves me wondering, with friends like Robertson, do the Jews really need an enemy?)



kr said...

Oh ... I thought he had already established himself as an Armageddon-pusher ... mayhap, I had him confused with someone else.

There's always the problem that the Muslims are more anti-abortion than just about all Christians right now ... poor Pat. So confusing. Easier to blow it all up, than to deal with the problems at hand.

Seems a lot of people think that, one way or another.

Gino said...

yeah, muslims are more anti a lot of things Pat says are wrong with this country: abortion,gays, pornography,divorce.

but he suports israel: the safe bastion of abortion,gays, porno, and divorce in the middle east.

Jade said...

Armageddon = the ultimate conspiracy theory.

Bike Bubba said...

I think you miss this one, Gino; take a look at God's promise to Abraham in Genesis 12:1-3; if Robertson is serious about the Scriptures (I hope he is), he's simply acting on the principle that Abraham's seed is counted in Jacob, and that he wishes to be counted on God's side.

Yes, that may have something to do with bringing on the end of the world, but that's not the primary motivation.

Plus, if we want to talk about suffering, let's talk about Hell. A few hours fighting and dying in a battle on earth, or eternity in fire? We need to get some Biblical perspective here.

And so does Pat.

RW said...

My take is this simple - As an Old Right Conservative I believe in what Barry Goldwater said about the Religious Right. Therefore Pat Robertson can kiss my ass. I want him out of my party.

I seriously did view Mayor Giuliani as a potential candidate to back - the first mainstream Republican candidate I even THOUGHT about for years. His opinions about a whole series of social issues are an echo of the core beliefs of the Right, namely - get the government out of people's private lives.

But the Mayor is officially over with this endorsement. Pat Robertson needs a good swift kick in the ass back to the pulpit where he can tend his flock and stay the hell away from MY PARTY.

Gino said...

your party? RW, is that you?

besides, Rudy aint no liberatarian.
law an order is his ends, not his means to ends to preserve liberty.

RW said...

Well, it sounded pretty good...

Still Stacy said...

Ewwhewww; so dislike Pat. I cringe every time the guy opens his mouth.

Brian said...

I don't disagree that Pat and his apocalyptic theology are every bit as batshit crazy as you have described, but if that was his main motivation here, why isn't he backing John "Double Down" McCain?

I think he's lining up behind the likely winner here, plain and simple.

Gino said...

because mccain has a prolife record, and opposes gay stuff.
despite his media reputation, his record is fairly solid right wing.

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

Having lived in NY as a homeless Grand Central Station dweller, I can say this about Mayor Giuliani being President based upon experience:


No one can deny that Giuliani had great leadership under pressure, cleaned up New York, created great social programs, and got people to behave well. Then again, the same thing could be said about Franco's rule of Spain.

No thanks.