Sunday, October 15, 2006

Honoring A Mirage

So it appears that in our national quest to remember and honor everyone, regardless of their effectiveness, for those looking for exciting stuff to see in El Paso we now have a brand spanking new museum in honor of the Border Patrol.

What the article doesnt mention is how many of those dollars used to build it were diverted from actual border enforcement work. Now, i'm not looking to down the agents of the Border Patrol. I do know a couple of them, and how hard and dedicated they are to the job at hand. But i am also aware, as they themselves are, that they serve merely as actors in a great charade.

But really now, do we honestly need a memorial structure dedicated to the fruitless work of these fellas? Isnt the presence of the desperate crowd of men loitering outside every Home Depot, in every neighborhood in the nation, momument enough?

It appears,though, even the Boder Patrol Museum sees the irony of it all.In a susbstantial gesture of art imitating life, somebody left the door open.

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