Sunday, October 15, 2006

May God Bless Them

It's kinda old news by now, with nothing left but the sorrow and heartache felt by a few isolated families in a rural Pennsylvania county. The talking heads have talked, the videos are distributed, and the nagging question of "Why?" remains, as it always does.

Much can said for,against,and about the beliefs and lifestyle of this peculiar group of people, and we are all now aware of their penchant for non-violence and 'turning the other cheek'. But this, in my view, speaks volumes:
"At the behest of Amish leaders, a fund has also been set up for the killer's widow and three children."

At a time of great pain,anguish,and above all, turmoil, the community hasn't forgotten that others are suffering,too.

Maybe even I can learn something from this.

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