Sunday, October 15, 2006

Religion Of Peace?

I have always been symapthetic to those long suffering muslims living with the embarassment of a belonging to a faith populated by a minority of vengeful,blood- thirtsy cut-throats. The Religion of Peace,they call it.

But times are changing, and so has my attitude. I can no longer ignore the obvious. The latest anger,violence, murder and rage, delivered in classic islamic fashion, concerning rather benign remarks by the Pope and twisted heavily out of context, has left me putting the blame right square where it belongs: on those self-described majority of peaceful mainstream muslims.

As long as 'nice' muslims allow this foolery to continue, they will be branded by it. It is their religion,after all. As long as they continue to remain silent,or whipped, in regard to their extreme element they will bare the blame for it. And well they should. Many times, we are what we will allow, even if we didnt actually do it ourselves. When some of their own clerics and leaders are calling for the death of the Pope, the Pope of all people, with barely a peep of opposition, a critical time has occured.
I blame them all.

There are no peaceful muslims, and islam is not a peace religion. It is, instead, the faith most tolerant and accepting of suicide bombers, radical jihad, threats, intimidation, murder and beheadings. The Religion of Pieces.

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Anonymous said...

Well, well......I'm glad I might not longer be considered a bigot or racist.........or 'jew' lover..