Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Sandwich By Any Other Name...

Tired of burgers? Most of use will reach for Quizno's,Subway,Blimpie's, or any one of an array of sandwich chains. Now here is something a little different from what most of you are used to. Still a smaller sized, but rapidly expanding chain, is Lee's Sandwiches.

Presented as 'fusion' cuisine, Lee's adds a different kind of twist not seen in mainstream american sandwich shops. Starting with a crusty french baquette, vietnamese-style deli meats are laid underneath a smattering of thinly siced chilies,cilantro,pickled carrots and daikon radish, complimented with thin layer of pate' spread. Thus completes what is a vietnemese sandwich called a 'banh mi'.

The banh mi is found on every corner in Little Saigon, but Lee's took it to another customer base, expanding into the mainstream. This is not your everyday sub. One bite into the tastey banh mi, and your mouth will fill with an explosion of flavors.

I love these things. Evidently, so does everbody else as Lee's is open 24hrs and even at 3 am, there is a crowd of hungry customers lining up at the window. I'm sure the constant bread baking, right on the premises before your very eyes, lends a lot to the appeal.

Be warned: this is NOT your typical american style sandwich. The prices are low, about $2-2.50 for a 10inch, and the portions are european size. If you're really hungry, better order two. And be prepared for some mild roof-of-the-mouth damage: these things are crusty.

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oh Yeah.......we do homemade around here. :p