Sunday, October 15, 2006

Where I'm Coming From

I'm going to attempt to clarify my mindest on a few issues.

In regards to foriegn policy, and international entanglements, I prefer a 'go it alone' United States, where we do not align ourselves with anybody. I want a non-interventionist policy.
I want to cancel all foriegn aid... to anybody. I understand this may upset a good portion of americans who tend to react as if Israel is the 51st state, but too bad. We owe nothing to nobody. This will also solve the terrorist problem, since when we stop meddling in other nations, we wont be the great evil that stands in the way of their jihadic pursuit of paradise's virgins.

War should be reserved for those times when our national soveriegnty, or the safety of our citizens at home, is threatened. And no other time.

I believe any government that willingly harbors anti-american terrorists has itself engaged in war on the United States, and should be overthrown, but not rebuilt with american wealth and labor. Any foriegn terror group operating in the United States, or fundraising within its border's, should be stamped out, it's adherents killed. We cant allow on our soil what we wont allow on another. Fair is fair.

When the need to go to war arises, we need to engage in total war. Blow the shit out of everything. Grind their cities into dust. Kill their men. Enslave their women. Sow salt into the earth... You get the idea. Do this once or twice, and we won't need to do it ever again. Seriously, who would be stupid enough take the chance? (if you need proof that this idea works, think of the last time a native american tribe posed any real military threat.)

We should declare our right to trade freely and fairly with all nations. None of this 'most favored nation' stuff. No tariffs. No quotas. No embargos. I know this will piss off the Cuban-American lobby. Too bad. If they got it for sale, and we want it, we should be allowed to buy it at market rate. And vice versa. And let nobody stand in our way, with a military willing and able to back it up.

Much of our current, and past troubles, are a direct result of not minding our business. And it started long before Bush and the neo-cons became the 'boogie man'.(The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor wasn't without provocation through the policies of FDR, despite what you were taught in school.)

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