Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Somehow, the world seems like a little bit better place than it was yesterday

I oppose the Death Penalty as a matter of goverment policy. But every once in while, somebody comes along who is just begging for it. Ohio has done humanity a favor last nite.
Cult Leader Who Killed Family Executed
Ohio executed a religious cult leader Tuesday for murdering a family of five followers who were taken one at a time to a barn, bound and shot to death. The youngest was a girl just 7 years old.

The details of his acts are enough to enrage anybody, even the most sissy-minded bleedingheart.
Upset by what he saw as a lack of faith, Lundgren arranged a dinner hosted by cult members. Afterward, he and his followers led the family members one by one — the father first, young Karen last — to their deaths while the others unknowingly cleaned up after dinner.

His defense? He was a prophet of God, of course.
Lundgren argued at his trial in 1990 that he was a prophet of God and therefore not deserving of the death penalty.

"It's not a figment of my imagination that I can in fact talk to God, that I can hear his voice," he had told the jurors. "I am a prophet of God. I am even more than a prophet."

I know it's hypocritical of me, but i'm glad that he and God are having their talks face to face tonite.

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