Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What To do

With all this North Korea and nuke testing handwringing going on in the media lately, all the talking heads, buck passing, blaming etc... going around, one simple answer seems to be missing: leave it alone.

North Korea should be left to it's neighbors to deal with. And it should have been the policy of the United States for a long time now. Like every other trouble spot in the world, we need to just stay out of it and worry about our own business.

Since so much has happened already, so much intervention on our part, and now we got this little tin horn blowing smoke in our faces there is only one proper action left.
Before we take my long term advice and disengage from the politics of every world nation, I suggest we blow the shit out this little guy. Level his palaces and put some hurt on him and his cronies. And then leave, never to return again.

Pull a Don Corleone.
Leave no enemy boss standing, so the message is clear. We are leaving in a position of strength, and dignity, to mind our own business, as we should have been doing all along.

And then do it again in the Middle East.


Stacy said...

What's with the new digs?

Andy said...

No, that's what we should have done with Iraq.

We can't leave North Korea alone, because Kim Jong-il is obsessed with us. It is our policies and are behavior that he is interested in, not China's, not Japan's, not South Korea's. Ours. That's why he desired bilateral diplomatic talks instead of the six-party talks that were offered. The very reason he started up his nuclear weapons program again was because of two single issues: America refused to officially recognize North Korea as a sovereign country, and refused to sign a treaty of nonaggression. Our refusal on both these points have been taken by Kim Jong-il as provocative actions. (I'm not denying the man is crazy.) But your advice to ignore him is, in fact, what we have been doing, and the silent treatment has led to rapid expansion of his nuclear arsenal...an arsenal, it should be pointed out, which did not exist when Bush took over the White House.

Is it distasteful to have diplomatic relations with a crazy dictator? Sure. But he's not asking for unreasonable things. And if our paramount concern is the people of North Korea, we will be better advocates for them with their own government if we are not seen by said government as a hostile entity.

Gino said...

i dont want to ignore him andy.
i want to pulverize him.
and walk away.

stacy: i like this better, and i think its more fitting to my mindset/thought pattern.

Stacy said...

So rather than hiding underground; you're saying f*ck it.

Gino said...

'roll with it' is more accurate.

the latin phrase means 'dont let the bastards get you down'.

Anonymous said...

Leaving Kimmy alone seems to be what Pres Bush has tried to do. At least if you look at the past administrations actions on Kimmy's behalf.

So China was finally pushed to the floor, and they got an apology from Kimmy with a statement that he wouldn't do any more tests. Even a request for possible mulilevel talks. Sounds good to me.