Sunday, October 15, 2006

Let 'Em Have It!

Much ado has been made in our media and among the politicians concerning the use of torture as part of the interrogation process for terrorist suspects.

I think its a tool we need to be able to use. I'm not saying it works, or it doesnt work. This i dont know, and will leave it up to the experts to make that call.

Nor am i saying saying that it should be ok to torture just any suspected somebody.

But, there are those who we know for a fact are involved in planning attcks, and most likely have information concerning future attacks. We need to get that information, by any means necessary.

Personally, i dont care how we get it. If buying the guy a nice dinner and a foot massage will loosen him up, do it. If pulling out his fingernails while a cattle prod is shoved up his ass is more effective, let's do it.

The argument that we 'are better than that' is just plain bullshit. Unwillingness to torture thugs and mass murderers, in order to prevent future thuggery and murder, is not a moral strength. It is a constitutional(see 10) weakeness.

Terrorists will always exploit weakness. Playing nice is not in their nature, or they would not be terrorists,would they? The fear of capture, followed by a very excruciating existence, will serve as a greater deterant than any respect for their humanity, as if they possesed much of that in the first place.

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