Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Viva Las Vegas

I spent a portion of last weekend in Las Vegas. I'm not a big fan of Vegas-type doings, but somebody close to me was gettin hitched (there really is a sucker born a minute,eh?), and I wanted to be there. At the wedding, I mean. Not Vegas.
After spending 2 1/2 hours surrounded on all sides by 200 miles of the ugliest of ugly scenery, known also as the Interstate 15 corridor through the California desert, a truly desolate type of desolatness found in few other places, I finally reached the final peak, followed by the final bend in the highway and, since it was still nighttime, was hit square in the face by the most magnificent illumination of nowhere... anywhere!

It looked kinda like this. (I was going too fast to stick my head out the window and take the picture myself, so this one will have to do)

In a natural environment totally devoid of any of the redeeming qualities necessary to support even a token level civilization without much discomfort, somehow mankind has managed to build a most incredible city. This city, Las Vegas, I believe will go down in history. And long after our civilization has ceased to be, will be remembered as one of the great wonders of mankind's achievements.

If he could only see it now...

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Andy said...

I loved Viva Las Vegas! I mean, it was terrible, of course, but the title song is really catchy, and what self-respecting 'mo doesn't adore Ann-Margret? Anyone who can dance like that without displacing a single hair of her marvelous coiff is a friend of mine.