Sunday, October 15, 2006


Welcome to The Badger Underground.
First off, I want to tell you what this place is about. Basically, it's about whatever I want it to be about on any particular day. Poltics will be part of it. Pop culture, to a smaller extent. Something about stars and celebrities: they just dont grab my curiosity all that much, but every now and then some assinine celeb does something consistent with their nature that I just might not be able to ignore.
Current events I expect to take up the lion's share of stuff on my mind. Though it's hard to separate current events from politics much of the time, I'm not much into the partisan party stuff. Been there. Done that. Democrats suck hard. And Republicans seem intent on competing in that respect. The Libertarians were a cool idea at first, but then Cheech and Chong took them over. So I'll just remain a man without a party. It's easier.
Religion is a hot topic with me. Though I tend to shy away from the issue when left to my own, if somebody else brings it up, then I'm all in.
I like music, (yeah, dont we all) and favor the alternative and the old school punk, with occasional bouts of glam rock. Which brings me to another thought: why is it called 'alternative' when everybody is listening to it?
I am the proud owner of two adorable kittens, and one very old cranky cat. Dont be suprised if they make an appearance.
I like to travel when I get the chance, and I like to talk about it,too.

What this place is not about:
This is not an ambitious endeavor. Though it would be really cool if somehow this blog was getting 4000 hits per day, it doesnt matter a wit to me. You see, this is just a selfish indulgence. I'm not going to post a shitload of links to other blogs. If I read another blog on a steady basis, I will link it so others may know about it. But since these are few, there will be no gratuitous 'link farm' cluttering up my sidebar.

Well, that's about it for now.

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