Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tickle Me With Somebody Else's Money

A lot has been said about Michael J Fox doing his Elmo gig for some democrat in Missouri running for the Senate. Now, I want to add my voice to the cacophony.

Contrary to much of the misinformation out there, nobody is opposed to stem-cell research. Nobody is opposed to expanding stem-cell research. What is opposed, by a sizable segment of the populace, is embryonic stem-cell research. Also seen by some as creating human life for the sake of medical experimentation.

As it is now, no stem-cell research, of any kind, embryonic or otherwise, is illegal, or restricted, anywhere in the country. Stem-cell research, of either kind, is going on now. But embryonic research is not going well. This is the reason why free market money is not flowing in it's direction. Good investors dont want to waste their money unless they think there will be a return.

What the left is attempting to do is force, through government coercion, taxpayer funding of what is a failing science.

Since such a large segment of taxpayers find embryonic research abhorant, it would be wrong to fund it publically. It would amount to forcing somebody else's moral convictions, or lack of, on others.

If Michael J Fox, and his crowd of hollywood elites, feel so strongly about the promise of a failing research, why dont they just pool their money. They have billions. They can afford it. Maybe they should eat less caviar. Drive a pre-owned Mercedes. Take fewer vacations. Put their own money where their big arrogant mouths are.
And leave this mill worker's paycheck alone.

And Micheal: i dont care how much you whore your disease. I'm tired of seeing you shake and shimmy for every camera you can find. I know. I know. Parkinsons sucks. Take your meds. And keep your jerky little hands out of my pocket.


Andy said...

Hrmmm...well, whatever my qualms about stem cell research might be, I don't think I'd be so defensive about "my pockets" when the potential exists to reduce or eliminate the suffering of millions of people around the world today and in future generations.

Yet another point to consider: the emrbyonic stem cells that would be used in the research are unused donor cells currently residing in fertility clinics. They have expiration dates on them. The vast, vast, vast majority of these cells will never be implanted. They will be thrown out as ordinary garbage. Does it less respect for life to use dustbin-destined cells to try to help people than it does to unceremoniously dump them in the trash while disingenuously claiming that you are preventing the abuse of life that is absolutely, unquestionably non-sentient?

Gino said...

andy, they are not 'donor cells'. they are embryos, human life.

being as i see these as people, and nothing you say can change that...
let me ask if you would agree that it is better to do medical experiments on condemned criminals, or alzheimer patients, than to just let them die(expire), so maybe, just maybe, their destruction might offer 'hope' for a future help to humanity?

and if it was legal to do so, is it morally proper for govt to use money from taxpayers who find such use abhorant?
have you donated personally yet to embryonic research?

Aethlos said...

Not true. Quite a few people ARE opposed to stem cell research, i.e. Karen Davison of Des Moines Iowa, who says "the use of any stem cells for any purpose is completely immoral and should be illegal...", and David Kula of Park City Utah who said "all stem cell research is unethical" Thank heaven there are people in europe who are intelligent enough to trade a whole bucket full of embryos for the remote chance that some homeless leper in the gutter of calcutta might delay early onset alzheimer's for a few months. 752 million embryos are not equal in value to even the basest, poorest, sickest old man or woman. Thank jesus for Europe - the research goes forward at a break neck pace... and the europeans will get to cash in on the zillions of dollars all the therapeutic patents will be worth. (and it's easy to jet to paris for treatment) :)

Gino said...

the exceptional occasional whack job proves the rule.

i never heard of these people.
and i doubt many others have.

VAS Littlecrow at Blogger said...

Personally, the fact that people are egotistical enough to create 8 embryos that they do not intend to carry via IVF for the purpose of manufacturing a single baby is really gross. It's not because adopting and/or helping out children, whether they be older or in danger of abortion, is impossible.

Wouldn't it make more sense to stop producing children as manufactured goods, so we don't have excess embryos to use in crazy science experiments. Or worse yet, giving another justification for ill-informed women to kill off inconvenient offspring.

Personally, I'm all for adult stem cells.