Friday, December 15, 2006

Its A Small Small World

During my past several years of internet living I've had the privilage of interacting with tons of interesting people. Some bad. Most good. Some badder than others. And a few true gems.
Basically, that is why I am here. I like to network, get around, entertain myself. I operate under the assumption that anybody else I run into is reasonably socialable as well.
The internet makes the world smaller. Everything, and every type of someone, is within reach

With this project, I've tried to swing a wide net, interacting with as wide of variety of blog people as possible. This is still a work in progress. Wasnt quite sure where I was going with it when I started. Still not sure about it,today. And at this point, I really dont give a damn about the destination. It doesn't matter. My only agenda is to enjoy the ride. Maybe, if I'm lucky, others might find a little entertainment of their own as a result my self-indulgence. Icing on the cake,so to speak.

The blogosphere is democratic place. Social and geographical delineations are readily obliterated. On any given day, I can interact with a wood peddler in Chicago, laugh at the caustic commentaries of an aspiring lawyer in Arkansas, haunt an opera singer in New York, kid around with ice dwellers in Minnesota, disappoint Middle-Eastern porn lurkers (and steer their traffic all the way to Boston)... and so much more... all from the cozy pajama wearing comfort of my Anahiem living room,and an arm's reach from a fresh pot of Folger's.

Life aint so bad sometimes, ya know?


Mick said...

I love you to gino

RW said...

Wanna buy some wood...?

hammerswing75 said...

It's a pretty enjoyable hobby isn't it? I started out of pure desperation when my fiancee left me and never imagined how much fun it would become, nor how many friends I would make.

Gino said...

i did discussion boards for years, and then was invited to join a group blog(credit the wood peddler,above. read his blog. he's as awesome writer. and he makes this shit look easy).
eventually, he half pushed me into considering doing this,... a couple false starts later... i can say i'm gonna stick it out a while longer.
and it beats watching tv.