Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Vatican City To Get NFL Expansion Franchise!

Could it be?
Oh, after the initial wave of anticipation ended, I realized of course that whenever a European mentions football, he's talking about a whole different game that is best left to third-worlders and Europeans. That sport which holds it's grand event every four years or so?... yeah, that one. Where the best teams in the world compete in 1-0 blow-outs? B o r i n g ...

Then I started thinking... just what would be an appropriate name for the Vatican NFL franchise, should such an idea ever come to fruition?
First to mind: the "Saints", of course. But it's already taken.Besides, it sounds just a little too LDS, dont you think?

"Cardinals?" Been done.

"Padres" might work, but we're talkin real NFL football here. We dont need to get confused with a case of mistaken baseball identity.

"Crusaders" rolled around in my head a bit. But with all this international jihad stuff going on, I think it's best we dont encourage them muslim people any more than they already have been, as if they needed much encouragment to begin with.

"Inquisitors" has a good fearsome sound to it... but then again, we need to worry about offending jews and protestants. Let's leave this one alone.

Better yet, forget the mascot for now. We'll just move along and design costumes for the cheerleaders.
Ya think this will work?

Naturally, considering the impracticality of international air travel for an NFL team, I already have the perfect host city in mind. And a broadcaster can be easily lined up..

I think we can do this...
NFL and The Church.
Two powerful institutions coming together under one roof.
We can make it happen.

I even found our first cheerleader.

Happy Wednesday!
PS: King David, I dare you. I double dare you. LINK And certified Polish,too.


Stacy said...

I like soccer, coached it for years. And I do enjoy the FIFA World Cup. But I've never been able to understand the frenzy that exist around it internationally.

Anonymous said...

And I never understood why they call a game where you mostly carry the ball in your hands "football"...

kingdavid said...

I took the dare, and it was much nicer than the last time. I imagine the advertising would be quite different than it is for the current crop of NFL teams. Instead of Bud Bowl commercials, we'd see the Gallo Bowl. As far as the name, I think they'd have to go with the Swiss Guards; although they sure have some ugly uniforms.

Gino said...

stacy: i dont get it either. maybe its because thay havent discovered real football?

anonymous: because we are americans, we invented it,and we can call it whatever we want.
and because 'smear the dude with the ball' was just too wordy.

king david: but those feathered helmets would just look so... i wont say it.

r.theys said...

good pics