Thursday, December 07, 2006

Seeking Answers

I have some questions concerning search engines.
How do they work?
How long does something float around before its picked up in a keyword search?

In an attempt to free myself of some of this traffic i've previously spoken of, i've made changes to certain keywords (like spellings) in the postings, but this has not solved the problem one bit.
I dont know why, so obviously i'm not doing this right.

Another question: what decides the order of appearance in a listing of search results?

Any information, relavent or otherwise, would be appreciated.


Brian said...

My understanding is that the rankings on Google are based on the number of inbound links to that page, or something along those lines.

I don't know what others (like Yahoo) do now, but they used to rank based on the frequency with which a term appeared, which is why so many porn pages would have lots of repetitive text in them (er, at least, that's what I heard.)

Gino said...

Brian: does that mean the more a page is visited, the more a gets visited?

kr said...

popularity can move you up the charts

problem for you is once a thing is cached on the engines they don't come back to confirm it (like, ever, as far as I can tell, although I'm sure they have some sort of sunset date)

respelling might actually mean you'll get more hits, since now the misspellers will find you too

probably best to just give up and watch the fireworks ; )

Gino said...

that's encouraging.