Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Just Wait Til They Find The Stained Hijab

So it appears Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, known for flaunting his hardline islamic faith, is just another hypocrite turned politician. LINK
The famously austere Mr Ahmadinejad has been criticised by his own allies after attending the lavish opening ceremony of the Asian games in Qatar... The ceremony featured Indian and Egyptian dancers and female vocalists. Many were not wearing veils.

In the real world, a man can't be faulted for desiring to gaze upon attractive,athletic, dancing women.
But when this man is the head of state of the world's only Islamic Republic, a shining beacon of morality and sexual righteousness, the kind of moral paradise where "women are forbidden to sing and dance before a male audience", some political issues are bound to surface with the base of supporters that brought him along.

Poor fellow.
He may have just set the emergence of The Caliphate back 27 years. Now the coming of the12th Imam may have to be postponed. Hey, Mahmoud! You got some explaining to do.

Of course, being a politician, and this is politics, the spin miesters where in high gear:
"We have heard from some sources that Ahmadinejad was in the stadium at the time. Those who created the conditions for his presence should be investigated as quickly as possible."

Bwah,hah, blaming the intern for not getting out of the way.

Displaying the absolute inability to comprehend his nation's reputation existing outside of their medieval Sharia State, a wisely annonymous official states:
"The failure of Ahmadinejad to object and his constant presence has damaged the image of Iran's Islamic revolution..."

Not quite.
Your image has already been damaged long before this.

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