Saturday, December 16, 2006

NeoCounter Nixed

Seems NeoCounter has been a source of difficulty for users of Firefox, spurring crashes, not loading, freeze ups. And not just myself, but for others as well.

It's gone.

At least until i can figure out the issues. Any suggestions out there? I'm about as advanced as a mousepad when it come to these things.

I kinda liked that scrolling flag thingy,though. But then again... i'm easily self-impressed. Not a lot of sophistication, here. I admit it.

But all was not lost. I've learned there are at least two people with internet service in Bangladesh. Hell... I didnt even think they had electricity over there.


kingdavid said...

Well this is good to know. I got home from work yesterday and Mocha-momma was in a conniption fit. She had my laptop up and it was frozen on your site. I got out of it. She asked about the counter and whether that could be a problem. I had no clue, but she was right.

I learn just about everything with computers by trial and error; I'm surprised I haven't fried the thing yet. I may be getting to be an old dog; but I plan to keep plugging along and learning new tricks.

Gino said...

just outta curiousity: what browser you using?
i had no problem with IE, but Firefox couldnt handle it.

Brian said...

Gino--I should mention I was using an older version of FF (1.5?) I updated to 2.0, but by the time I came back to your page to see if it would work, you had already taken it down.

It might have just been an old browser thing...